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I-bar FRP Grating

Brand : Strongrate

Product origin : Jiangsu,China

Delivery time : 20GP 1 week/ 40GP 2 weeks

Supply capacity : 2-4 containers per month

Strongrate TM pultruded grating is manufactured by pultrusion with every panel of grating subjected to sequence of quality assurance inspections ensuring complete sealing of all joints,full wet-out of the glass rovings, consistent resin-to-glass ratios, and consistent non-skid features,complete traceability of resin batches and glass utilized in every panel is standard operating procedure.

Features of StrongrateTMpultruded grating

  • Higher stiffness
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Light Weight
  • Ultra-violet Resistance
  • Impact Resistance
  • Non-Conductivity
  • Fire Retardancy
  • Non-skid & Safety
  • Low Maintenance

I-bar FRP grating

Strongrate TM pultruded industrial fiberglass grating is designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications that require strength and corrosion resistance. Manufactured with a high percentage of glass with laminate, industrial grating provides durability, extremely high unidirectional strength and stiffness. Due to its exceptional stiffness, it can be used with confidence where wide support spans are required.

Strongrate TM pultruded industrial fiberglass grating comes in 25mm, 32mm, and 38mm thick in a bar configuration with 40%, 50% and 60% opening for most applications.

Strongrate TMStandard I-bar sections are provided for applications where a close match to a steel or aluminum profile or to an existing installation is needed. Strongrate TM SI series is used widely in cooling tower and walkways due to its large open area. The bond cross bars are suited for use in low pedestrian traffic area. 73% and 83 open are allow for excellent air flow


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